The Cover

Cover runs for up to 10,000Kms after which you need to top-up mileage via mobile.Failure to top-up kilometers on depletion immediately downgrades the cover to 3rd party until the renewal date.Free Telematics Box must be installed in your vehicle at the start of your policy to track mileage, driving style and collision.Telematics Box installation and valuation are done professionally and conveniently at a location of your choice.Includes a Mobile App to track and top-up Kilometers as well as file and track claims progress.Note: Failure to have the telematics device installed and valuation done within the first 7 days from inception of the policy will lead to an automatic downgrade of the policy from Comprehensive to third party.
What’s Covered
Accidental loss, damage or destruction to the vehicle(s) covered under the policyAccidental loss or damage to other person’s property arising from usage of the covered vehicle. Property of the participant and family is not covered.Accidental death or bodily injury to third parties in and outside the vehicle except the incident driver, the participant, employees of the participant and family members.Legal costs necessarily incurred pursuant to covered incidents involving the vehicle.Courtesy Car during vehicle repair following accident, fire or theft of up to Kes. 30,000Cost of replacing the windscreen in the event of an accident, or damage for up to Kes. 30,000.Your specified vehicle(s) is/are covered while parked, being services/repaired or in motion within the territorial limits shown on the policy schedule
Period of Cover and Contribution Payable
The period of cover is one year (365 days) commencing the purchase date of the policy.
Key Exclusions & conditions
Losses arising out of or in connection with the following are not covered:Loss or injury sustained by the participant, family members, employees and driver at the time of the accident.Deliberate or willful acts by the participant or employees leading to loss, damage or injury.Acts of customs or other lawful or enforcement agencies carrying out official duty.