Frequently Asked Questions

Motomatic motor insurance is a mileage-based motor insurance policy from Britam insurance in partnership with Aicare Telematics Ltd, offering 10,00km worth of comprehensive motor insurance.

  • Get upfront discount on annual paid premiums
  • Provides to an online portal that provides up to date driver feedback

Motomatic is suitable for individuals who have low mileage needs, 10,000km and below annually

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Your mileage information is collected and sent to Britam by a telematics device that is fit out of sight in your car for free. You are provided with a summary of the information collected from your telematics device through an app installed on your mobile phone. This includes your mileage balance, driving score, tips on how to improve your driving, a review of your trips among others.

The device is installed within 3 days of full insurance premium payment, at the customer’s convenience provided all conditions are met, by our qualified technicians.

Your certificate will be shared directly on email once you make payment for your cover.

The data collected is confidential and access is limited to only the staff administering the product and to the extent that they are discharging the activities. Access logs are monitored to ensure compliance.

No. Kilometers not used within 12 months cannot be carried over to a new policy.

You will be required to top-up additional kilometers on depletion, failure to which your cover downgrades to third party until the renewal date. You still be legal on the road until your cover expiry date.

Topping up kilometers is easy. When your kilometer countdown gets to 1000, we will send you in-app notifications as well as emails reminding you to buy more kilometers.

Get in touch with us through the Britam helpline via 0703 094000 or sms MOTOMATIC to 21778